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  • The French Riviera: In the 1920′s by Xavier Girard

    Oh yes! Nothing wrong with having this one on the coffee table this summer.

    “The French Riviera of the 1920s and early ’30s was a haven for artists and writers from the far reaches of the world. This book revitalizes the now-legendary tale of personalities such as Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Picasso, Picabia, Cocteau, and Gerald and Sara Murphy as they are caught between a desire for creation, the quest for happiness, and the looming darkness of World War II. Extraordinary images taken from personal archives reanimate the lifestyles and artwork of some of the most influential artists of the twentiety century”


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  • Self Tan In Winter?

    Maybe I chat about the weather too much but all I can say is I am really looking forward to Spring. Winter is slowly coming to an end and I’m sure you’re feeling the same as me – pale, blotchy and DULL! Does it look weird to arrive at work suddenly looking like you have just stepped off a plane arriving back from the Bahamas? Apparently it does!

    My designer colleague – a guy – asked me at work the other day during a fitting (in front of quite a few people) – am I wearing self-tan – GOD HOW EMBARRASING! Or maybe not? Maybe I was a bit desperate and added too many layers on top of each other instead of doing it slowly over a couple of days. But, hey, at least I won’t like look like I have a chicken chest at 50!

    I know we all have our own brand of self-tan that we use – Personally, I stay away from Caribbean tan’s cos I think they look too fake. I am currently using Clarins self-tan, just for the face. I rarely put self-tan on my whole body – to tell you the truth I can hardly handle the smell so all over the body would be quite vile. I can just barley handle it on my face for an hour. But in the end for that much needed healthy glow – it’s worth it!


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  • Weekend Inspiration

    Capture #photos #lifestyle #Food # CapeTown

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  • Creativity Takes Courage


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  • Closet

    I went shopping for a skirt last night and look what I found at Country Road (please excuse pale winter ankles below). I love the slightly flared-out skirt to wear back, with flatties. Celine (I know, I know, enough about Celine) showed massive brush stroke patterns at their summer ’14 shows – on skirts, dresses and tops. The whole world will most likely do a version and I think County Road has done theirs perfectly!! Thrilled, happy fashionista today!







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  • Daria Werbowy for Céline Fall/Winter 2014

    Model Daria Werbowy returns as the face of Céline for the brand’s Fall/Winter 2014 campaign. The ads were photographed by Juergen Teller and feature Werbowy wearing the latest of Phoebe Philo’s classic minimalist creations for the Parisian fashion label.






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  • Jars & Baskets

    How many baskets and jars can one fill up in the kitchen? My love affair with baskets started long before I began reading India Hicks… Every time I go to a home wear boutique, I end up coming home with with  some kind of jar or basket! My quest is to fill every empty space in my kitchen (and there are not many spaces left) with jars filled with something and baskets in whatever space is left!

    Melissa’s has great jars and are always in stock… and for baskets L’Orangerie is great place to start…and also let us not forget vintage baskets… Kalk Bay is the best for vintage baskets.


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  • Weekend Inspiration




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  • Outfit Inspiration

    Jeans, jeans and more jeans…been in bed with flu all week ;-( But I am out and about today. For how I’m feeling jeans are just wonderful and comfy!

    Have a fabulous weekend!


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  • Audrey Hepburn’s Granddaughter Emma Ferrer Models for Harper’s Bazaar

    Audrey Hepburn has a granddaughter??? How gorgeous are these pics of her for latest Harpers Bazaar?

    “Audrey Hepburn’s granddaughter, Emma Ferrer, channels her iconic grandmother in a striking spread in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar. In fitting fashion, the man behind the lens has a special connection to Hepburn. Michael Avedon is the grandson of famed photographer Richard Avedon, who shot the Sabrina actress on numerous occasions and was fictionalized in one of Hepburn’s most memorable films, Funny Face.

    “As a child I couldn’t really relate to Audrey Hepburn, the actress. To me, she was family,” Emma, the daughter of Audrey’s oldest son, Sean, with her first husband, Mel Ferrer, and wife Luca.

    In the accompanying images for Harper’s Bazaar, Ferrer, 20, wearing Lanvin, Max Mara and more, channels Hepburn in a series of shots inspired by Funny Face and My Fair Lady.

    Although the art student never met her Oscar-winning grandmother (Hepburn died in 1993, just months after being diagnosed with cancer), she is familiar with her most famous roles. “I haven’t seen all of her movies,” she said. “When I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I enjoyed it the same way any young girl would. I’ve seen My Fair Lady and Roman Holiday, but I supposed my favorite is Funny Face.”

    Source :usmagazine.com





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  • Mood Board

    Here are a few pics which are getting me inspired for the week. Sometimes I just want to stay at home and play the whole day – move everything around, swop and change and start from scratch! Spring is around the corner so a little spring cleaning and moving old things out to make way for the new makes for perfect timing!

    I’ve been scouring my favourite sites each morning to get some new ideas. I’m not sure if this is the best idea, as you end up wanting more and to change everything top to bottom. Nesting, nesting and more nesting.

    Wait until we get to the wardrobe clearing out pre-summer vibe. I feel like everything is just drab at the mo! I can’t wait to get into summer dresses and sandals…












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  • Outfit Inspiration

    In-between season dressing can be quite interesting. I personally love to layer during this time. My favourite is wearing summer woven tops with denim skinnies – which is quite easy to put together. A sweater is essential, in case it gets cold, or to wrap around your waistline when it gets warm. Very cool and very Celine at the mo! And let’s not forget the hat – just in case you get caught in the rain. A very clever way to avoid fuzzy wet rain hair – my (and I’m sure your) worst!


    Source Pinterest ..

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  • Pezula Just In!!

    How gorgeous are these chairs from Pezula!!!



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  • Infused Water to Keep You Hydrated

    I am not going to spend time writing about how you should be drinking lots of water…. I think we all know by now that keeping hydrated is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle. What I am going to spend time on is how to make drinking water interesting. All those energy drinks at the cafes are bad for you – full stop! I’ve been making my own energy drinks using whatever fruit and herbs I have left over in the kitchen! It’s a great way to not waste food and it tastes divine. And for the hipsters out there, it’s great to serve when you have guests around!

    How to make infused water : Tasty yummies.com

    I N G R E D I E N T S :
    Herbs, Spices and Botanicals
    mint • basil • rosemary • lavender • thyme • ginger • cinnamon • sage • rose petals • vanilla • lemongrass • cardamom • parsley • lemon verbena • cilantro • cloves • cardamom • hibiscus • black pepper • chammomile • lemon verbena • stevia AND MORE

    Fruit and Veggies
    strawberries • blackberries • blueberries • raspberries • cherries • pineapple • watermelon • cucumber • orange • lemon • lime • grapefruit • watermelon • cantaloupe • honeydew • mango • grapes • pear • apples • peaches • plums • nectarines • blood orange • meyer lemon • tangerines • pomegranate • kiwi • carrots • celery • peppers • fennel AND MORE

    Optional Add-ins:
    chia seeds
    coconut water
    sparkling water

    R E C I P E :
    For infused water, there really is no recipe, exactly. There are no right or wrong measurements, it’s all based on taste and what you have on hand.

    Generally, I just add all of the ingredients to my pitcher or jar (or glass), slightly mashing up any fruit to release their juices. Next I bruise the leaves of any herbs (in my hands) to release the natural extracts and oils. Finally, top with some filtered water and enjoy! I find letting it sit in the fridge for an hour or so really allows the flavors to mesh together. The longer it sits, obviously the better and stronger the flavor will be.

    You can also blend the water and fruit together with a touch of sweetener for homemade agua frescos.

    N O T E S :

    select fresh organic produce and herbs whenever possible, you want your ingredients to be pesticide-free

    you can peel citrus before infusing to avoid excess bitterness.

    for smaller herbs and botanicals like dried lavender or peppercorns, add them to a cheesecloth when infusing

    S T O R A G E :
    Infused waters can be stored in airtight jars or pitchers as shown above, mason jar, glass pitcher, water bottle, gallon jug, etc. Whatever works for you. Infused waters keep in the refrigerator for about a week or until the flavor is no longer present. We tend to drink and add more water to replace the water we just poured out, adding more fruit or flavors as necessary, until it just no longer has a pronounced flavor.





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