• Slice Of Life – Cape Town (Part 8)


    2 side buns, a back pack…sneakers and socks….cute! Love the denim shirt tied around the waist – I am currently doing that with everything !

    #Long Street


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  • Slice Of Life – Cape Town (Part 7)


    #sketcher # Greenmarketsquare

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  • Sitting Pretty – Closet


    Sitting Pretty is having a sale… lots of cool summer dresses that will be awesome for next summer… classic stripes and plain white pieces that never down trend..Hope I get there  first!

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  • An Indian Evening


    Off we went on Saturday night to the Woolworths Charity Ball – the theme was Indian. I wore my wedding dress – at last I got to wear it again! Seth went for an over-the-top head piece which we lost some time during the evening (obviously)! Everyone was dancing and everyone having such a good time, looking so beautiful in all their bright colourful indian attire. What a fantastic theme for a ball!

    With all these public holidays this month I feel like I am on holiday again. My husband said to me this morning on my way out to work, “oh, I see you’re popping into work – see you later when you get back. Maybe we should have a swim in the sea and carry on living the holiday!”

    It’s a mindset, you see..

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  • Happy Friday


    Lacoste is turning into an otter #scubadog…

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  • A cool shop…Coco Karoo


    Coco Karoo is one of those boutiques that make you want to re-decorate your home in a instant – your head just gets full of ideas and it is truly inspiring  . Coco Karoo makes you want to stay at the store and call it home for a while! Full of old beautiful things from around the world, Europe, Argentina and Morocco….the decor is a mixture of French Provencal, meets Africa in a old barn house! From the moment you walk in you are in a different world…amazing!

    From their website..”A visit to Coco Karoo at The Old Scout Hall in Chelsea Village, Wynberg, is far more than a decorator’s delight. Exquisitely styled and yet surprisingly warm, the décor and antique store is a reflection of the talent and finesse of owner, Véronique Susman. From old barn doors to tiger figurines, each and every piece is lovingly chosen during her travels to destinations as varied as Europe, Argentina and Morocco.

    In its latest incarnation at its new premises, Coco Karoo could be mistaken for an old world gentlemen’s club: chesterfield sofas in shades of sapphire and ruby, flanked by 19th Century club chairs and dark leather screens, create inviting sitting areas that are made only the more authentic by the added touch of old boxing gloves, vintage dumbbells and Belgian luggage chests. A decidedly masculine space at present, Coco Karoo boasts an impressive collection of original oil paintings, hundred-year-old medicine tincture bottles and leather-bound books, all impeccably styled on old butcher’s blocks from England and long kitchen tables from Provence.

    Sumptuous reds and browns are offset by antique mirrors and crystal chandeliers, which inject light into the space. This instinctive understanding of light and dark, textured and refined, old and new, belongs to charismatic Véronique, who is known for her distinctive style.

    “I enjoy collecting and putting new finds together,” says Véronique. “That’s how I decorate. There’s no formula, no method. Just instinct, and a passion for beautiful objects.” This is echoed in the seamless pairing of otherwise incongruous objects: in one corner an antique carousel pony straddles a wooden wine vat while in another; ornate Venetian mirrors hang over vintage roller skates and leather riding boots. Veronique’s fluid blending of styles and themes is a talent she puts down to her intercontinental upbringing. Born in Munich to a French mother and German father and raised in South Africa, with frequent visits to her European grandparents, Véronique inherited the tastes of Old World and a love for the textured aesthetic of Provencal France.

    “My eye has always been drawn to a combination of the French Provencal, European opulence and the raw texture of Africa.” An injection of exotic energy, seen in Kelim Ottomans, Rajasthan statues and fringe umbrellas, is due to visits to Argentina, Morocco and India and the result is a harmonious union of global influences.

    With its eclectic collection of furniture, art and décor items, Coco Karoo will captivate you from the moment you step inside, right until you walk out with your favourite new acquisition.”











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  • Slice Of Life – Cape Town (Part 6)


    Long Street is buzzing at the mo with all this sunshine we are having …. How cute are her shorts and sneakers …And, of course the sneaker! The wardrobe basic piece – I see so many girls at work wearing them … This shoe is evolving all the time …love the bright colour laces !

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  • Slice Of Life – Cape Town (Part 5)


    “Dress and Art – Art and Dress”

    I loved how she mixed all her colours into one… and that hat – too cool…

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  • Classic Indian Bicycles


    Yesterday I decided to go to Charly’s Bakery to have something ridiculously high in sugar for lunch. It just so happens Woodheads is the on the way, and look what I found being advertised on their window!  I raced inside and saw these classic beauties….and it even has a bell already attached! Price tag is around R2500! I need one.. I want one.. I have to have one..



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  • Mervyn Gers Ceramics – Church Street


    Have you wondered inside the Mervyn Gers Ceramics store on Church Street? It’s like walking into an art gallery! The boutique works so well in-between all the galleries and antique shops in the city centre, I couldn’t resist a pic of the outside window! All of Mervyn’s work from his iconic Koi Fish range and Matisse-inspired pieces, to his monochromatic and special bespoke ranges are on display and for sale.

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  • Slice Of Life – Cape Town (Part 4)


    The store manager at Me Me Me on Long Street happended to walk in whilst I was trying on the most divine animal floor-length skirt the other day. What an amazing presence - bright red lipstick, flaming long red hair, red Ray-Ban Wayfarers, and a bag of skip washing powder in tow! GORGEOUS outfit and such a cool vibe!

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  • Every Thing We Want To Wear Now


    Remember a few weeks ago I said how tricky it is to buy something now ie. in-between seasons? Well I have been doing my rounds and here are a few more things I have my eye on.

    Biker Boot – Zara - available at the Waterfront store.

    Stripe bag – Mr & Mrs… so versatile. Winter or summer, it don’t matter. And, the golden rule..it will last the fashion ages.

    Check print top – Country Road Checks and grid combine to produce a powerhouse pattern for autumn..and come now, we all know Country Road is amazing!

    White shirt and leather skirt outfit – Adriaan Kuiters, I am a little obsessed with the Take Care clothing boutique on Kloof! One half of the store is all Adriaan Kuiters designs only and suits me tremendously. Sexy with A bit of an androgynous vibe!

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  • Friday’s Tune


    Sooooooooooooooo excited it’s friday – gosh this week went by in a flash. I do hope the weekend lasts..

    To end off the week on a good note we are listening to Fleetwood Mac today.

    Plans for the weekend?  We will be hanging at the Taste of Cape Town, partying up a storm in the 2oansvibe tent (live band Saturday night from 8pm!)… last year we had such a ball so this year should be even better! And it’s gone back to summer again -29°C – yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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  • Slice Of Life – Cape Town (Part 3)


    Punk Revival…. Burg Street..

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  • Slice Of Life – Cape Town (Part 2)


    It looks like love is in the air on Long Street! How cool do these two look?

    I felt so weird taking the picture in my coat, high boots and scarf. We’ve established that it’s in-between seasons at the mo, but come now – sunshine, rain, cold, wind, and more sunshine! Who knows what to wear?

    And then you get these two! Dressed for summer and looking lovely. I nearly went home to change.

    Not that I’m complaining TOO much – there’s nothing like waking up early with rain falling, drinking coffee in bed, scouring my iPad for some inspiration and listening to BBC World Service radio in the background!

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