• Nessie & Lolo Say Hi From Greece

    Last week friends of mine Lolo and Nessie popped in to choose some kaftans for their summer holiday escape to Greece – “island-hopping,” I might add! On a bloody yacht!!! So jealous! They sent a postcard – with a kiss – of them wearing the kaftans. GORGEOUS GIRLS!

    Popyacollar- Shop..




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  • Dinner Diaries: Reviving the Art of the Hostess Book by Daniel Cappello

    Dinner Diaries follows in the spirit of Assouline’s popular Proust Questionnaire, Fashion Questionnaire, and Wine Questionnaire, using the format of Proust’s handy interview helper, to ask everything about dinner parties, from preferred seating arrangements to the best conversation topics.

    Featuring handwritten answers from experienced hosts such as Ivanka Trump and chef Alex Hitz, Dinner Diaries is illustrated with ephemera from these hosts—seating charts, menus, guest lists, place cards—and contains blank questionnaires and seating charts in the back to share with friends. The perfect gift! Amazon.com


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  • Sunday Vibes

    And we’re off! Ready, set, Go – with basket in tow! I will be sharing my latest purchase from Trenery later in the week – but for now, this was part of the vibe this past Sunday to the fabulous yellowtail fish braai at friends in Kommetjie! We felt a bit like tourists on Chapman’s Peak with camera, panama and basket, stopping along the way to take a few pics of the gorgeous view! It felt too fabulous for words to wear a dress again.

    Basket – Out Of This World 

    Espadrilles – Market France

    Panama Hat – Equestrian Affair 




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  • Weekend Inspiration

    Guess what fish it is?

    Yup, yellowtail on a braai – DELICIOUS!


    #photos #lifestyle # CapeTown #Homebraai #Sundays


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  • Weekend Inspiration

    IMG_5111#photos #lifestyle # CapeTown #Home

    Finally we can take the covers off the deck chairs and put out the umbrella. I can smell summer is in the air…I must get new covers for the chairs before summer really begins! I have been thinking bright yellow and white stripes?

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  • Outfit Inspiration


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  • The French Riviera: In the 1920′s by Xavier Girard

    Oh yes! Nothing wrong with having this one on the coffee table this summer.

    “The French Riviera of the 1920s and early ’30s was a haven for artists and writers from the far reaches of the world. This book revitalizes the now-legendary tale of personalities such as Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Picasso, Picabia, Cocteau, and Gerald and Sara Murphy as they are caught between a desire for creation, the quest for happiness, and the looming darkness of World War II. Extraordinary images taken from personal archives reanimate the lifestyles and artwork of some of the most influential artists of the twentiety century”


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  • Self Tan In Winter?

    Maybe I chat about the weather too much but all I can say is I am really looking forward to Spring. Winter is slowly coming to an end and I’m sure you’re feeling the same as me – pale, blotchy and DULL! Does it look weird to arrive at work suddenly looking like you have just stepped off a plane arriving back from the Bahamas? Apparently it does!

    My designer colleague – a guy – asked me at work the other day during a fitting (in front of quite a few people) – am I wearing self-tan – GOD HOW EMBARRASING! Or maybe not? Maybe I was a bit desperate and added too many layers on top of each other instead of doing it slowly over a couple of days. But, hey, at least I won’t like look like I have a chicken chest at 50!

    I know we all have our own brand of self-tan that we use – Personally, I stay away from Caribbean tan’s cos I think they look too fake. I am currently using Clarins self-tan, just for the face. I rarely put self-tan on my whole body – to tell you the truth I can hardly handle the smell so all over the body would be quite vile. I can just barley handle it on my face for an hour. But in the end for that much needed healthy glow – it’s worth it!


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  • Weekend Inspiration

    Capture #photos #lifestyle #Food # CapeTown

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  • Creativity Takes Courage


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  • Closet

    I went shopping for a skirt last night and look what I found at Country Road (please excuse pale winter ankles below). I love the slightly flared-out skirt to wear back, with flatties. Celine (I know, I know, enough about Celine) showed massive brush stroke patterns at their summer ’14 shows – on skirts, dresses and tops. The whole world will most likely do a version and I think County Road has done theirs perfectly!! Thrilled, happy fashionista today!







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  • Daria Werbowy for Céline Fall/Winter 2014

    Model Daria Werbowy returns as the face of Céline for the brand’s Fall/Winter 2014 campaign. The ads were photographed by Juergen Teller and feature Werbowy wearing the latest of Phoebe Philo’s classic minimalist creations for the Parisian fashion label.






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  • Jars & Baskets

    How many baskets and jars can one fill up in the kitchen? My love affair with baskets started long before I began reading India Hicks… Every time I go to a home wear boutique, I end up coming home with with  some kind of jar or basket! My quest is to fill every empty space in my kitchen (and there are not many spaces left) with jars filled with something and baskets in whatever space is left!

    Melissa’s has great jars and are always in stock… and for baskets L’Orangerie is great place to start…and also let us not forget vintage baskets… Kalk Bay is the best for vintage baskets.


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  • Weekend Inspiration




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  • Outfit Inspiration

    Jeans, jeans and more jeans…been in bed with flu all week ;-( But I am out and about today. For how I’m feeling jeans are just wonderful and comfy!

    Have a fabulous weekend!


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