• Tea Time – Home

    Perfect weather to curl up on the couch with tea and Ouma rusks…


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  • Louis Vuitton Fashion Photography

    A great book to add to your coffee table this month …

    Amazon.com: A landmark fashion photography monograph chronicling the most famous and sought-after brand in the world. Since the 1920s, the images of Louis Vuitton—both advertising and editorial—have drawn the world into its ethereal, luxurious identity and have changed the way we see fashion, travel, art, and culture. These captivating touchstones of fashion photography have served as a glamorous, romantic porthole to one of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands. Louis Vuitton Fashion Photography is an unprecedented visual history of the company, seen through its presence in photographs….louis-vuitton-book-cover-charlotte-gainsbourg

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  • Green Lens Classic Gold Aviator – Sunglass Hut

    I seem to keep on buying the same kind of shades, I have these in silver, gold with gold lenses…. but I cannot believe it has taken me so long to get the all-time classic green lens version.

    Sunglass Hut



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  • Ricky Lauren – I love your style..

    Do you admire Ricky as much as I do? I have been obsessing over her outfits this week both from when she was younger and what she wears now. I love how she mixes boyish with a bit of girly so well. And she can carries off wearing massive knitwear pieces with boyfriend jeans with ease.


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  • Trenery – WOMENSWEAR SPRING 2014

    Can we even start thinking about Spring? Last season I would have never worn linen, in fact its weird I’ve hardly ever had linen in my wardrobe. But all of a sudden I want lots of things to be linen… are you feeling the same? Check out a few items from the latest Trenery Spring 14 range to get you on the same vibe!

    Style, simplicity and silhouette are at the heart of Trenery’s Spring 2014 collection for women. Clean shapes, luxurious textures and muted tones, reflect both a timeless aesthetic and a nod to international trends.

    August is all about the silhouette. From sculptured t-shirts to a silk maxi dress and Delave linen pants; all shapes are considered and feature beautiful, clean lines. The new rider jacket, tan leather jacket and leather shorts juxtapose with the collection’s luxe silk shirts and chic woven t-shirts, catering to both the cool and the pretty aesthetic. Hues of blue and indigo are featured in different shapes and textures. Luxurious linen is seen throughout the collection, including a stripe skirt, utility shirt dress and the stand out pinstripe trench.

    Capture 22 Capture11 Capture33 Capture44 Capture55

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  • Isabel Marant Étoile Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

    Some Isabel Marant Inspiration for the day…
    isabel-marant-etoile-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-1 isabel-marant-etoile-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-2 isabel-marant-etoile-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-3 isabel-marant-etoile-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-5 isabel-marant-etoile-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-6 isabel-marant-etoile-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-7 isabel-marant-etoile-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-8 isabel-marant-etoile-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-9 isabel-marant-etoile-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-10 isabel-marant-etoile-fall-winter-2014-lookbook-11

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  • ELLE & Mr. Price Competition Will Launch YOUR Career In Fashion + R30k Cash

    Look at that headline and tell me it doesn’t get you excited? If you (or a buddy) are a fashion design final-year student or fashion graduate, and you’re not employed by a fashion retailer, you might be in the money!


    It’s hard to put a value on the opportunity ELLE and Mr. Price have put together here. Listen to this:

    The 2014 ELLE Rising Star Design Award in association with Mr Price is presented by African Fashion International (AFI) and the search will culminate at the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa 2014 where the finalists will show their designs and the the winner will be announced.

    ELLE, Mr Price and AFI are passionate about nurturing talent and giving Africa’s young designers the tools and the platform they need. The prize therefore includes a two-week mentorship programme at the Mr Price head office in Durban where the winner will be exposed to the complete retail cycle, from trend forecasting to merchandising, and redesign a pre-selected range in collaboration with Mr Price to will be sold in select Mr Price stores.


    Similarly, the ELLE Rising Star will spend two weeks at the ELLE office with the ELLE editor and her fashion team. In addition, the title comes with a R30,000 cash prize from Mr Price and the opportunity to show a range at the 2015 ELLE Rising Star Design Awards with R7 000 from Mr Price to help fund the range.

    The 2014 ELLE Rising Star will furthermore participate in the AFI Next Generation programme and show a spring/summer collection as part of the programme. AFI’s Business Development Manager, Bella Cebekhulu, says, “AFI is excited about joining forces with ELLE. The award and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Africa are perfectly aligned in our strategies and goal to nurture new talent.”

    So are you a final-year fashion student or fashion grad? Or maybe you have a friend who would be perfect?

    Make sure you read this article here and download the ENTRY FORM here.


    You have until 11 August 2014 to submit your entry, that’s five weeks left to catch our judges’ attention.

    Here’s what you can win:

    • A cash prize of R30 000 from Mr Price to help the winner launch his or her career in fashion.
    • An extensive mentorship programme – with ELLE and Mr Price;
    • The opportunity to redesign a pre-determined range in collaboration with Mr Price to be sold in select Mr Price stores;
    • The opportunity to show at the AFI’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Joburg in 2015, plus R7 000 from Mr Price towards the cost of creating the range.
    • The winner will be featured in, and receive a year’s subscription to, ELLE.
    • We’ll be keeping you in the loop @mrpricefashion @ellemagazinesa @afi_sa #RisingStarAfrica2014 on Twitter.

    Make sure you read this article here and download the ENTRY FORM here.

    Here’s last year’s winner – Nick Coutts – talking about his journey:

    Click here to check out pics from last year’s winner Nick Coutts’ fashion show:

    Make sure you read this article here and download the ENTRY FORM here.

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  • Here & Now

    Lacoste is just over 1 year old and getting more beautiful by the day. I am sure I share everyone’s thoughts here when I say owning a dog – or any pet for that matter – is an amazing thing. Watching them grow and knowing that they are 100% in your care is quite daunting at first. She is very much part of the family and is now so confident that she fights for space on the bed when we go to sleep. Seth has made it a rule that when the lights go out she needs to be in her bed next to our bed. Which I suppose is fair, but if it were up to me she would be their all the time. Her latest trick is jumping onto my side after we have fallen asleep and curling up at the my feet without waking us up, as she gets comfy. I think it has turned into a bit of a game between them to see if she gets caught– I am cheering for Lacoste, of course ;-)

    She is such a water baby – we took her down for a walk on the beach this past weekend and we were amazed that she still swims in our freezing cold Cape Town sea. I think she was an otter in her past life!








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  • This And That – L’Orangerie

    More on my visit to Chelsea village…. I cannot go there without quick visit (or supposed to be quick visit) to L’Orangerie… to pick up some bits and pieces – like the mounted prints – they’re great fun! A map for Seth’s study, the insect print (which I have not decided on yet), and the butterfly print (for covering up my husband’s obsession with plug points in the kitchen) all found their way home!




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  • Mini Classic – Inspiration

    Spotted in Chelsea Village!


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  • Equestrian Affair

    I have written about this magnificent boutique before hereEquestrian Affair has now moved to Chelsea Village and this past weekend I made a morning of the village – the main issue being that I needed a pair of riding boots! I have not invested in a pair for a while and am in desperate need of a pair. I did first look for a pair in all the usuals – Zara, Country Road, Aldo… but all of them don’t seem to fit perfectly around my calves! There is nothing worse than the boot flaring out as it goes up the leg. Riding boots for riders fit perfectly up the calf. Over leggings with long knitted jerseys make it so easy to dress in winter!

    Let’s nor forget they also look GREAT next to the fire place if you want to add some country style to your home!

    Check out the pics below and visit their website here.




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  • Cymbidium Orchids..

    Is it that time of year already? That’s right – it’s Cymbidium season! I bought these at the supermarket the other day – don’t you just love how it is now standard to find plants when you go food shopping?!

    Cymbidiums last longer than the usual orchids, and when they lose their flowers you can plant them under big trees in the garden for shade and some protection. So when they start flowering again, just pluck them out and put them inside again!

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  • Amanda Brooks – Zara Lookbook CAMPAIGN.

    Amanda Brooks is the New York socialite who was the Fashion Director at Barney’s and who gave up everything to move to a farm in England. She’s the one who wrote a book called I LOVE YOUR STYLE and also blogs about their way of life on the farm  - keeping it chic and casual as she posts pics of what she’s up to.

    I came across these cool pics for a recent Zara summer campaign and wanted to share.

    I absolutely love the way she dresses – never over the top, doesn’t follow trends, but preferring rather to do her own quirky thing.








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  • Closet…

    My New Country Road fluffy jacket…


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  • I Love Your Style – Amanda Harlech

    She has been on my watch-list for a while now. A few things to know about Amanda:

    • She is well known for being muse to both John Galliano and Karl Lagerfeld and a regular feature on Vogue.com.
    • Vogue did a story not so long ago on her farm in Shropshire where she owns eight horses, two dogs and two cats. It makes you dream of what your farm will look like one day!
    • She dated Ralph Fiennes…
    • “There has often been confusion about exactly what Harlech’s job role is with Lagerfeld. She tried to explain it in an interview with the Financial Times: “I say I am an arch assimilator. I’m quite good at understanding what somebody means. Fashion is the process of articulating an idea, and a proposal of what to wear. Who is that woman in Karl’s head? Or that spirit? Or that idea? That’s what fascinates me.” Vogue ..
    • A quote from Amanda Harlech – Harlech spoke about personal style at The Vogue Festival in March 2014. She explained: “Style is anti-fashion; it’s not about following trends,” and instructed the audience: “Wear armour, even if that means a ball gown at 9am.”

    What a lady!!



    house 2




    house 5




    28. amanda harlech 1



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